What’s going on, September 2014

What’s going on, September 2014

hi all,

a quick update to let you know what I’ve been up to.
I started the year finalizing a Todd Snider record called “Cheatham Street Warehouse” – a tribute to Todd’s mentor Kent Finlay. Peter Cooper and I produced, our friends Lynn Williams, Mark Fain, Sierra Hull, Justin Moses and Jen Gunderman played on it. It’s great, you should get it and it helps to pay Kent’s medical expenses.


After that I produced a record for Sid Griffin. Sid is a founding member of “The Long Ryders”. A great songwriter and singer. The record is called “The Trick Is To Breathe”….check it out.

Peter Cooper and I also produced a record on Americana pioneer Jason Ringenberg aka Farmer Jason, a childrens’ Christmas record called “Christmas On The Farm”. If you know Jason you know that it was a blast to make this record.

After that Peter and I started working on a record for Lynn Marie Rink, a super talented, 4 time Grammy nominated (Polka category) artist. The songs are the soundtrack to her one woman play, the story of her life with a special needs child – it’s great, it’s intense and it’s beautiful.We’rehoping to finalize this record later this month.


Lynn Marie Rink


Mac Wiseman, Peter Cooper and me


Mac at Hilltop Studios


Lindsay Hayes, Mac, Peter and me and our friends from Old Crow Medicine Show

Peter and I also produced a record for the great, incredible Mac Wiseman, a hero of ours’. It’s called “Songs From My Mother’s Hand“. It’ll come out on Sept 23 on Wrinkled Records. Our dear friend Lindsay Hayes help make this happen. It’s getting all kinds of great press. It’s a dream come true for us to work with one of the true masters of American music.
We’ll be on Music City Roots on Sept 24 and on the Opry on Sept 26.

What else? Fayssoux MacLean‘s new record came out on Red Beet Records. Again, Peter Cooper and I produced and had our favorite people play on it.

Over the last three years Craig Market and I have worked on a bunch of songs that we recorded this year on an album that will be called “Nowhere To Hide”. It’s just two guitars and vocals, one of my favorite things to do, challenging but also very rewarding. Craig is one of my favorite songwriters and I just love that we made this record and that it will come out very soon.

Volume 3 of “The 1861 Project ” called “Franklin” came out in May. Bobby Bare, Jason Ringenberg, Kim Richey, Chris Jones and a bunch of other really cool folks are on this last installment of a project that was a labor of love for me. A truly rewarding one at that. Give it a listen.


with Bobby Bare during the sessions for Volume 3 of The 1861 Project

I recorded with great East Nashville songstress Jesse Lafser. Jesse is an incredible singer and guitar player. She studies American Folk Music and gets it. The old sounds have become a part of her “thing” – she’s not copying any of those older forms of music though, she’s picked up the ball and she’s running with it. Peter Cooper co produced.

I also made a record with my friend and favorite Country Music Singer Jon Byrd. It’s called “Highway 41“. I’ll only say one thing about it – nobody sings like Jon Byrd.


I just finished a record with my old friend Nancy Terzian. She blew me away with her songs and singing. It’s a lush, beautiful record, it reminds me of a lot of the great, late 70s California Country stuff.

I also made a record with Luke Amelang. Luke’s super cool, great writer and finger picker. We started playing some shows around town and it’s a ton of fun. The record id called “The Farm”…check it out!!

There’s been a bunch more. Recording with Timothy Scott Williams, Frank Kupstas, making demos, recording instrumental music with my British friend Lincoln Grounds, touring with my dear pals Eric Brace and Peter Cooper, playing Eric’s “Hangtown Dancehall”, touring with Kim Richey and lots more.



Brace, Cooper, me

2014-04-11 20.46.14

Kim Richey and me backstage at Club Passim

I finished a record with the great Dana Cooper that we started last year. Dana plays and sings with the intensity of a 16 year old punk rocker. He’s one of Nashville’s hidden treasures. One of the best in the Americana genre, for sure.

One other thing that was super cool was writing a bunch of songs with my new favorite Andrea Zonn for her new record. She cut seven of them with a killer, killer band, including Steve Gadd, Willie Weeks, John Jarvis and Bryan Sutton. I’m playing on it too. It’ll come out later this year. I’m so proud of this, I love Andrea and her way of making music. It’s so deep, so good, so well executed, so rich and full of emotion – keep an eye out for this one – it’s a special one.

Another Peter Cooper collaboration is the audio version of Tom T. Hall’s autobiography “The Storyteller’s Nashville“. We recorded it here with Peter narrating and our friend Andi Arndt producing. I wrote and recorded some instrumentals that introduce each chapter. Tom T. is narrating some new poems and stories. We spent some priceless hours out at Fox Hollow to record those. Tom T. ha changed the course of Country music, nobody comes close, in my book.

In a few days I’ll jump across the pond to see my folks in Germany and play a gig with Eric Brace to celebrate my sister’s Montessori day care’s 20th anniversary.

We’ll be there for five days and then we’ll get rocking on the Mac Wiseman release, head up to DC to play “Hangtown Dancehall” at the Birchmere and lots of other cool stuff.

I’ve written a lot of songs, got some cut. One by the Darrell Webb Band called “Folks Like Us” – it’s #25 on the Bluegrass Unlimited Chart, one by Missy Werner called “A Song That I Love” and one called “Everything Is Broken” on Jon Weisberger’s new Bluegrass Project.

I’m a lucky man to get to work with so many talented and nice people, yes… talented AND nice, that’s important, really important, be nice!

peace and love to all
Thomm Jutz

ps: oh yeah….and new guitar 1948 D18, a dream



New Things March 2013

Thomm Jutz - TJ Tunes

Hi everybody!

It’s the first day of spring – finally. The nights are still cold but the days are getting warmer all the time now. It feels so good to spend more time outside.

I’ve had a good time at Folk Alliance although I was off to a rocky start. My 4 hour trip to Toronto turned into a 12 hour trip, thanks to an airline I won’t mention here.
The gigs were good, it was fun to reconnect with some people and meet some new folks.

We finished Jefferson Ross‘ new album “Isle Of Hope” – a two guitars/two vocals collection of 16 songs. Jeff is one of my very favorite people, also one of my favorite Southern (and overall) songwriters. The title song of this record is as good as it’ll get, you need to hear it. I’m very pleased to have three co-writes on this album. One with Jefferson and Charley Stefl, one with Jefferson and Jon Weisberger and one with Jefferson and the great Sierra Hull. As you can see in this photo, we had no fun at all!!

Nikon May 2012_003
Stay tuned for release date, etc.

We finalized Chet O’Keefe’s new record. We did the whole thing in two days.
I posted a song called “Not Drunk Yet” here on the website that showcases the tone of this record. Chet’s such a great writer, singer and player. I’ve long been a huge fan and everything fell into place so easily on this new record. Here’s Chet with a guitar made by Andreas Seefeldt, a great luthier from Hamburg/Germany.


We also finished the new Eric Brace and Peter Cooper record.
We had a blast making it – great songs, great singers, great friends!
Here’s a photo from February 18 when we had Marty Stuart, Duane Eddy and the incredible Mac Wiseman in the studio. Mac signed my “High Lonesome” poster.
What a gentleman and still a great singer at 87!

mac wiseman

Kim Richey‘s new record “Thorn in my heart’ will come out on April 16. I’m very happy to have 3 co-writes on it. Kim and I only met less than a year ago but have become fast friends and have written a whole bunch of songs together by now.

Irene Kelley‘s new album is done and it’s a killer!! My friend Mark Fain produced it.
I have two co-writes on that one and am so proud of those songs. In my book this could be a groundbreaking Bluegrass record.

We started writing for Volume 3 of The 1861 Project – stay tuned for more of that.
Here’s a photo from our recent show at the Bluebird Cafe.


There’s lots of exciting and hopefully good ideas are floating around, there’s lots of great music to be written and played with wonderful people. Who could ask for more?

Peace and Love to all
Thomm Jutz



February 2013 – New Things…

Thomm Jutz - TJ Tunes

Welcome to the new website! Hope you’ll like it. Look around, listen to some tunes, watch some videos and drop me a line if you want to. I’m excited that the new website is up in time for Folk Alliance 2013 in Toronto.

Some news:

We completed the new drum room a few months ago. It sounds incredible and it’s so good to have more space. The studio is a whopping 1000 square feet now, with 4 separate rooms.

I’ll be at Folk Alliance next week playing with Amy Speace, Ameila White, Eric Brace&Peter Cooper and Karyn Olliver and probably a whole bunch of other folks. I’ll also be playing at Mary Stewart’s CD release show, we mixed her new album here a few months ago. Looking forward to all of it.

I’ve been writing a bunch, with Jefferson Ross, Kim Richey, Jon Weisberger and many other fine folks. I have three co writes on the upcoming Kim Richey album, two co writes on Irene Kelley’s new record, one on Peter Cooper’s new record and two on Chet O’ Keefe’s new one.

I finished work on Peter Cooper’s new solo album and we’re in the middle of the new Eric Brace and Peter Cooper record. I’m happy to say that I’ve worked on a bunch of songs with one of my heroes, the mighty Pat Alger. Pat’s been writing with the very lovely and talented Kate Lee and the recordings have turned out great.

Chet O’ Keefe’s new record is a killer!! We recorded it here in two days, pretty much all live, including Chet’s vocals.

I also just finished up Lauren Lapointe’s new album. Lauren is a wonderful singer songwriter from Savannah/GA – and we’re almost done with Jefferson Ross’ new album “Isle Of Hope”, a very stripped down, two acoustic guitars and vocals affair.

We’re starting to collect material for Volume 3 of The 1861 Project. We’ll let you know how that goes.

Spring will hopefully not be too long now, peace and love to all

Thomm Jutz