February 2013 – New Things…

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Welcome to the new website! Hope you’ll like it. Look around, listen to some tunes, watch some videos and drop me a line if you want to. I’m excited that the new website is up in time for Folk Alliance 2013 in Toronto.

Some news:

We completed the new drum room a few months ago. It sounds incredible and it’s so good to have more space. The studio is a whopping 1000 square feet now, with 4 separate rooms.

I’ll be at Folk Alliance next week playing with Amy Speace, Ameila White, Eric Brace&Peter Cooper and Karyn Olliver and probably a whole bunch of other folks. I’ll also be playing at Mary Stewart’s CD release show, we mixed her new album here a few months ago. Looking forward to all of it.

I’ve been writing a bunch, with Jefferson Ross, Kim Richey, Jon Weisberger and many other fine folks. I have three co writes on the upcoming Kim Richey album, two co writes on Irene Kelley’s new record, one on Peter Cooper’s new record and two on Chet O’ Keefe’s new one.

I finished work on Peter Cooper’s new solo album and we’re in the middle of the new Eric Brace and Peter Cooper record. I’m happy to say that I’ve worked on a bunch of songs with one of my heroes, the mighty Pat Alger. Pat’s been writing with the very lovely and talented Kate Lee and the recordings have turned out great.

Chet O’ Keefe’s new record is a killer!! We recorded it here in two days, pretty much all live, including Chet’s vocals.

I also just finished up Lauren Lapointe’s new album. Lauren is a wonderful singer songwriter from Savannah/GA – and we’re almost done with Jefferson Ross’ new album “Isle Of Hope”, a very stripped down, two acoustic guitars and vocals affair.

We’re starting to collect material for Volume 3 of The 1861 Project. We’ll let you know how that goes.

Spring will hopefully not be too long now, peace and love to all

Thomm Jutz

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