Albums Produced By Thomm Jutz:
The 1861 Project"Volume 1 - From Farmers To Foot Soldiers"

"Volume 2 - From The Famine To The Front"
Stephen Maguire"The Nashville Sessions"
Dana Cooper"The Conjourer"
Otis Gibbs"Harder than Hammered Hell"

"Joe Hill's Ashes"
Amy Lashley"Travels of a Homebody"
Nanci Griffith"The Loving Kind"
Richard Dobson"Global Village Garage"

"Hum Of the Wheels"


"A River Will Do"

"On Thistledown Wind"

"From A Distant Shore"
Jefferson Ross"Hymns To The Here And Now"
Steve Young"Songlines Revisited Volume 1"
Jubal Lee Young"Take It Home"

"The Last Free Place In America"

"Jubal Lee Young"

“Not Another Beautiful Day”
Karyn Oliver"Red Dress"
Rob Lytle"Stop"
Pat Fritz"Blue than Blue"

"The Way To Go"

"Life Is Good"
Mark Barker"The Dream"

"Troublesome Creek"

"Children Pray"

"The Ballad of Alvin Ridley"

"Hindman 1969"
Marc Marshall"Nimm Dir Zeit"
Brendan Dohertyself titled
Jeff Talmadge"Kind Of Everything"
Sid Brantley"This Is Love"

"Shinig City"
John Moloney"Grace"
Katy Boyd"Paper Hearts"
Blue Cactus Choir"Once in a Bluegrass Moon"
Eliza Lynn"Haven"
Molly Irene"Earned Heart and Linnet Be"
KC Johnsself titled
Arthur Godfrey"Broken Wings"
Peter Nova"Salesman In Exile"
Collen McFarland"Let it Shine"
Roger Knott"Been Down That Road"

"I Got My Work Cut Out"

"The Field and The Sky"
Tony McLoughlin"Tall Black Horse"

Liam Merriman"Words to Music"

"The Night Is Huge"
Lauren Nicole Heintz"Feels Like A Miracle"
Guy Michael Grande"Wanderlust"

Toni Catlin"Uncovered"

Sergio Webb"The Long Green Hour"
Lynn Taylor"Cardboard Box"
Billy Goodman“Hellrides and Hollywood Waltzes”

"Ghost Town"

Dale King“Through a Song”
Terrye Newkirk"Pure and Simple"
Thomm Jutzself titled (1st CD)


"Second Thoughts"