Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies

July 7, 2024

A song that inspired a book by Lee Smith and is still being sung on the Grand Ol’ Opry by vocal group The Whites. Cara Dillon lends her pure soprano voice to this. Her Northern Irish accent amplifies her stunning performance. This is one of my favorite examples of how Martin and I played off each other. None of it was planned or pre-meditated. We ran through this song once in Cara’s kitchen before we recorded it on a gorgeous summer day in Frome

Both moving and memorable, Lost Voices brings life to those whose stories might otherwise have been lost. Stafford and Jutz have, in fact, made a masterpiece.” - Lee Zimmerman

— -Bluegrass Today

Lively? Sprightly? Bluegrass Perfection? Yes to all of those.”

— Americana UK

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2022 Album with Tammy Rogers,  "Surely Will Be Singing."