To Live In Two Worlds Vol 1

Thomm Jutz

Volume one March 2020 release To Live In Two Worlds is unique in that it showcases Jutz’s diverse talents. “I wanted to make another bluegrass record but I also wanted to make a ‘true’ solo record, with just me singing and playing. So I did both,” Jutz said. “The players on these records are my dream team, and I love how the band and solo tracks correspond on these two volumes. From a songwriter’s perspective I feel that this is my best work yet. I’ve found my place with ‘one foot in a different world and one foot here today.’”

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Nowhere To Hide

Thomm Jutz and Craig Market

This is a Duo Record by two songwriters working in the Bluegrass/Americana field. Two guitars, two vocals, nothing else.

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Stable Suite

Thomm Jutz and Jefferson Ross

This is an album of new, original Christmas Songs, in the spirit of traditional Christmas Carols and Folk Songs.

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With crystal clear production, Thomm Jutz showcases not only his songwriting and playing, but his honed production skills on his latest offering”

Americana Highways

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German born musician Thomm Jutz has become an American citizen who writes a lot about American history. Thus his new album, To Live In Two Worlds, once again embodies his fascination with history, though he admits: »I’m not a historian, but I'm a chronicler of emotions.”

— FolkWorld Interview