Both moving and memorable, Lost Voices brings life to those whose stories might otherwise have been lost. Stafford and Jutz have, in fact, made a masterpiece.” - Lee Zimmerman

— -Bluegrass Today

The latest single from Tim and Thomm


 The Blue Grays were a baseball team from Elizabethton, TN. This song is about the perseverance of the human spirit in the face of great adversity, about triumphs that are not awarded with trophies, money, or fame - a story as old as mankind.

It’s the kind of story we tell and re-tell because we need to hear it to keep going, to keep up the courage to write, sing, speak up, teach and learn, cross rivers or deserts, or throw a perfect fastball.

The guitar lick is an adaptation from Blind Blake’s “Police Dog Blues”. We thought it was a fitting way to pay tribute to that giant of the guitar. It’s easy to see how eerily its title connects to the civil rights struggle.