Grammy ® nominated "Two Live In Two Worlds" Volume 1


"To be nominated for a Grammy is the highlight of my career. It’s based on the kindness of all the folks who have traveled with me along the way. Music is what I was put here to do. To write a new song, to play a G-chord on a well-tuned guitar is what it’s all about. This nomination means the world to me.” 


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Among these releases we find the stories of rambling vagabond musicians, the hard life of mill workers, tragic Civil War characters both real and imagined, semi-forgotten regional legends and new stories of more recent real-life dramas and tragedies that will be tomorrow’s parables. Each single release is a pairing of works — one featuring a crackerjack bluegrass band, the other featuring just Jutz and his guitar — that may complement, expand upon or contextualize one another. 

The first of these are two songs — “Mill Town Blues” and “I Long To Hear Them Testify” — about musicians from the first part of the 20th century based in the deep south.

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John Hartford — where do you begin? His humor, sense of history and tradition. His virtuosity and timing, his grace and his love of the river …Where do you stop? 
John Hadley, who I wrote this song with, was a close friend of John Hartford’s. I wouldn’t have dared to write this song without him. 

"Hartford’s Bend” is a haunting tune that deftly incorporates song titles and aphorisms from the renowned entertainer’s life and music as it pays homage to “every riverboat captain’s friend.” With wistful harmonies from banjoist Justin Moses, the song instantly brings to mind many of Hartford’s own stately waltzes."


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Jimmie Rodgers wanted to be every American’s favorite singer. He was the singing brakeman, the cowboy, the dapper crooner. He only had six years to make it all happen and boy did he ever make it happen. 

“Jimmie Rodgers Rode A Train” is a solo offering featuring intimate vocal, fingerpicked guitar and nothing more. 

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